• Hybrid Tetraploid
• Heading date 22nd May
• Up for recommendation spring 2021

RGT Cordial is a sister variety to RGT Kirial, which has been on the UK RL since 2012. It has very good persistency and maintains high yields into its second and third harvest years. Like all RAGT grass varieties it has exceptional disease resistance. It has been in commercial production in the UK since 2018 and has become a firm favourite in mixtures across the country.

• White clover
• Up for recommendation spring 2021

RGT Gabby is a large leaved white clover, similar in size to Alice. It grows well in association with grass, providing a well-balanced sward. In addition it has very good winter hardiness, and excellent spring and autumn vigour. RGT Gabby is produced in New Zealand and has been a part of UK grass mixtures since 2018.


We are constantly on the lookout for new varieties coming through our breeding program which will provide the UK farmer with even better disease resistance, yield and quality. We are excited about the portfolio and have a number of exciting varieties currently in NL trials.

In 2022 we have a late tetraploid and hybrid tetraploid coming up for recommendation. Following this we have intermediate tetraploid and diploid candidates, late diploid and Italian diploids, cocksfoot, red clovers and white clovers.

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