Relationships are at the root of our business.

Relationships are at the root of our business. RAGT remains true to its origins in the rural communities of southern France, where a culture of collaboration and cooperation between farmers and seed merchants prevails to this day.

We understand by supporting our customers to nurture their businesses  is also key for our business. In short – we’re in this partnership for the long term.

So it’s good to know that RAGT has nearly 100 commercial representatives in 18 subsidiary companies living and working alongside farmers and distributors in the agricultural industry.

Our commercial team work hard to gain a deep understanding of their customers’ businesses and believe in working in partnership to get the best from our varieties.

With decades of experience in agriculture, our commercial team can advise on the suitability of new varieties for your specific needs.

Count on the staff at RAGT to be there for you, year in, year out ... grow to expect the best.