An Insight Into our Long Serving Staff

Here at RAGT Seeds UK, each and every member of our team is incredibly valued with some employees having worked for us for nearly 40 years!

We catch up with Mark Clements, a member of our long serving staff to get an insight into his time at RAGT and to learn more about him and his role.

Mark Clements

Having worked for us for over 38 years and originally starting in the Civil Service with the Plant Breeding Institute, we talk to Mark Clements, our Wheat Pedigree Coordinator about his time with Europe's Number One Cereal Breeder.

1. How long have you worked for RAGT?

38 years. 6 months. Started in the Civil Service with the Plant Breeding Institute, through privatisation and subsequent selling of the business to Unilever (PBI Cambridge Limited) & Monsanto and onto the present day with RAGT.

2. What is your current role at RAGT and how has it evolved since you started?

My current Role is UK Wheat Pedigree Coordinator. I started as an Assistant Scientific Officer in the Sugarbeet Dept at PBI for 2 years in 1982 moving onto Winter Wheat in 1984 and have been here ever since. I was promoted to my current role in 2000.

3. What has been your proudest moment since working for RAGT?