Beetles Blocked in Lancashire

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A vigorous combination of oilseed rape and companion plants drilled near Standish in Lancashire has shown excellent establishment and development and very little grazing damage from cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) this autumn.

The 2ha crop of RGT Beetleblocker, a combination of RGT Blackmillion oilseed rape, fenugreek and berseem clover chosen to reduce flea beetle damage, was drilled on 9 August at 13kg/ha along with 30kg/ha of nitrogen in the seed-bed.

“It shot out of the ground,” says ProCam agronomist Kathryn Richards. “Just 12 days after drilling, most of the rape was already at 1-2 true leaves.

“It was drilled very early for this area and got away fantastically at a time when beetle grazing pressure was really quite low.”

By 4 September the crop had reached a minimum of 4 true leaves.

“On the same day flea beetle had started to damage some OSR just down the road, which had been drilled slightly later. However, there was hardly any damage on the RGT Beetleblocker."