RGT Gravity impresses again

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

RGT Gravity has had a storming year for all four of our Growers Club members who grew the variety, producing outstanding yields across regions, soil types and rotational positions.

RGT Gravity reinforced its reputation as a reliable barnfiller in Cambridgeshire (pic credit - Sam Morris).

North Yorkshire

RGT Gravity’s impressive record in trials persuaded Andrew Cawood to sow the variety last autumn and he certainly reaped the rewards, harvesting 83t of grain off 7.15ha.

“It was head and shoulders above everything else,” says Andrew, who farms 240ha of arable crops at Burley House Farm, South Milford, North Yorkshire.

“My agronomist recommended it on the back of historical performance and the fact it looked good in trial plots in our area, and I'm delighted he did. It yielded 11.6t/ha, the best yield on the farm this year, out yielding our other two hard winter wheats by 0.5t/ha"

The crop followed spring naked oats and was sown into a decent seedbed in late September. “It looked good all year with a high plant count,” says Andrew.

“We gave the crop solid fungicide and PGR programmes, and applied 205kg of nitrogen split four ways, starting at the end of February and running through to mid May.

“The crop looked as clean as any other variety and, although there was a lot of late rain, including a lengthy spell which delayed harvesting the RGT Gravity until the 26th August, all our wheat crops stood well thanks to our belt and braces PGR strategy.

“Once I knew the yield and saw the bright, bold sample, I made up my mind there and then that we would grow RGT Gravity again next year. Given its performance, we couldn’t really afford not to.”

Rotational position – first wheat

Soil – silty clay loam

Cultivation – TopDowned, Flatlifted and c