Latest RAGT varieties are set to impress

RAGT Seeds’ plant breeding team continues to keep the company’s variety pipeline full of promising new material, offering better yields and strong disease and pest resistance to help underpin profitable wheat production.

Nearest to market are the 2020 Candidate List varieties, which are vying for promotion to the 2022/23 Recommended List.

Some of these will be available for our Growers Club members to try this autumn, a year ahead of their potential commercial launch.

RGT Bairstow

This Group 4 wheat has continued to impress this season, thanks to its outstanding combination of very strong Septoria tritici resistance coupled with barn-filling yields. The variety is also rated positive for distilling.

In the latest provisional AHDB Recommended List trial results carried out on 26 sites nationwide, RGT Bairstow is achieving a mean treated yield score of 102% of controls for this season and 103% on the five-year mean, up with the best.

It is delivering exceptional results in the north, south, east and west, building on its early promise as a consistent performer.

Parentage is Revelation / Santiago // Cougar, which has produced an excellent all-round disease resistance package, borne out by its low Septoria infection rate in RL trials this season, which is averaging 11.6% (see graph below).

Good grain quality is reinforced by its reluctance to sprout in the ear and OWBM resistance.

Learn more about RGT Bairstow here.

RGT Stokes

RGT Stokes, our other Group 4 offering, has very similar yield potential to RGT Bairstow. It is scoring 103% for treated yield in AHDB RL trials this season, highest of the soft Group 4s, and lies just a point below RGT Bairstow on the five-year dataset.

The variety, a Cougar / Santiago // Revelation cross, manages even better Septoria tritici resistance than its sibling, with an mean infection rating this season in RL trials of just 10.7%.

That resistance makes it a very strong contender in the west, where it scores an even higher treated yield than RGT Bairstow.

RGT Stokes has also produced some very big yields further north, where distilling potential and early drilling potential add to the appeal. The variety also makes a very good second wheat.

Learn more about RGT Stokes here.

RGT Rashid

This biscuit wheat produces very high yields, comparable to the best Group 3s in this year’s AHDB trials at 100% of controls, and has arguably the best disease profile.

The grain exceeds the minimum standard for biscuit production and also has distilling potential.

RGT Rashid is an Icebreaker / Solo // Cougar cross. Like its stablemates above, it features strong disease resistance.

This includes a Septoria tritici percentage infection of just 10.8% in this season’s RL trials, well above other Group 3 candidates, and low yellow rust and brown rust infections.

The variety has strong, stiff straw and is resistant to OWBM.

Learn more about RGT Rashid here.

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