Meet our Grower, Murray Cooper.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

We know how our varieties perform in trial but what’s even more important is how they perform on farm, and that’s where our Growers Club comes in.

We would like to introduce one of our Growers Club members, Murray Cooper, who is sharing his insights and experience with some of our varieties.

Murray Cooper

Ian Cooper & Partners, Mains of Thornton, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

Area farmed: 280 ha

Soil types: Sandy clay loam

Key crops: Spring barley, winter wheat, winter/spring oats, oilseed rape.

Typical rotation: Grass (4-5 years), 2-3 years of cropping chosen from the above to suit season and field.

Typical cultivations: Plough, disc, sow and roll.

RAGT varieties: Spring barley – RGT Planet (14ha)

Main markets: Organic – seed/feed/oil for various crops

Being an organic grower, Murray looks for durable attributes in his varieties and does his best to ensure they grow away competitively and in the best of health.

All crop residue is ploughed under to reduce weed and disease burdens – a decent length grass break also helps in this regard.

Yield, disease resistance and straw strength are key factors when selecting spring barley. RGT Planet ticks all the boxes and importantly also finds a ready market