Plan now for soil health crops

Good planning is key to get the best from your soil health crops this coming season, says David Ramdhian, RAGT’s head of forage and soil health plants.

Soil Health Plants

Soil health crops are an excellent option when it comes to opening up tight soils, breaking up compaction, improving drainage and helping to raise the organic matter content of the soil.

They also have a positive effect on the soil biosphere and are proving very useful at mopping up excess nutrients and reducing over-winter leaching.

All of these benefits helps to improve the health and vigour of the farm’s cash crops. As such, David believes soil health plants have a place on every farm.

“Soil health plants are not just for regen ag pioneers. They can also play a very useful role slotting in to existing arable systems.”

The trick is knowing what different species can do and managing them correctly, not just choosing a mix with the greatest number of species, he adds.

“Covers crops are widely used for stewardship and other schemes and these will come increasing so as we move into ELMS etc.

“At RAGT we are committed to helping growers get the best from their soil health cropping.