Reducing the risk of oilseed rape establishment

Growers can still take advantage of RAGT’s unique oilseed rape royalty payment scheme this summer to help reduce the economic risk of establishing the crop.

The scheme is designed to provide some assurance to growers who are questioning the viability of growing oilseed rape, following the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments and greatly increased flea beetle pressure.

Limited stocks of the two varieties selected for the scheme, RGT Nizza CL® and RGT Azurite, remain available through selected merchants.

Both varieties exhibit good autumn vigour to increase the chances of good crop establishment. However, if growers do have to rip up failed crops before 1st November they will not be charged royalties on those areas, provided all the steps below are followed. This will save about £30/ha, roughly a third of the overall seed cost.

The scheme is the result of an agreement between RAGT Seeds and BIPO Ltd (Breeders’ Intellectual Property Office), which runs the well-established Royalty Area Collection scheme.

Five simple steps to managing your OSR risk

  1. Sign up to the RAC breeder/grower production agreement to obtain your unique BIPO number

  2. When you purchase your BIPO registered seed variety, pass on your unique BIPO number to your merchant

  3. Once your crop is established (this must be before 1st November) BIPO will ask you to submit your area of established crop

  4. To submit your area of establishment, simply use the BIPO online form, email or postal service and return it by 30th November

  5. BIPO will then calculate your submission and send you a royalty invoice for ONLY the amount of crop you established.

RGT Nizza

Promoted to the RL last year, RGT Nizza CL® is RAGT’s first offering of a Clearfield® variety, offering exceptional control of problem cruciferous weeds through the Clearfield® system.

RGT Nizza is the highest yielding Clearfield® variety available. It is very vigorous in both autumn and spring and has good stem canker resistance.

RGT Azurite

RGT Azurite is a powerful performer, combining high biomass and outstanding disease resistance. It also exhibits exceptional autumn and spring vigour plus very good straw strength.

It has very strong phoma resistance coupled with good light leaf spot resistance, plus the added benefit of tolerance to turnip yellows virus.

Get in touch with Tom for more information.

Tom Dummett, Cereals and OSR product manager

TEL: 01799 533703


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