RGT Gravity

RGT Gravity has had a good year at Brockford Hall in Suffolk. The 40ha of second wheat was later drilled, on 27 November.

“We grew it on a contract farm on a good bit of land,” says Tony Pulham. “It wasn’t drained so it was wet when we drilled it with a crawler and a spring-tine drill. I went to put slug pellets on and was stuck within 20 yards.”

The crop emerged sporadically, but was fully through by the end of January and tillered strongly in March and April. It was combined in mid August and it yielded over 10t/ha.

“I’m pretty pleased with that this year, especially as there have been a lot of pinched grains and low bushel weight in the east this year because of the poor weather towards the end of the season, which has affected yields,” says Tony.

“RGT Gravity seems to be an underestimated variety – we grown it for five years for seed and it’s never let us down, and has given its best performances as a second wheat.

“It is easy to grow, yields consistently and has seems to have better disease resistance than its scores would suggest.”

Yorkshire grower Andrew Cawood’s 13ha crop of RGT Gravity grown as a first wheat excelled this harvest at Burley Ho