RGT Lantern lights up a tough season

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Growers Club member Ken Goodger was hoping for a “good average” yield from his crop of RGT Lantern when we caught up with him in last month’s newsletter.

He was trying 10ha of the variety as a second wheat at Pates Farm, Welney, Norfolk. Ken told us he crop looked really good for a second wheat this season, despite getting off to a challenging start.

“It wasn’t muddled in, it was murdered into heavy skirt land in mid-November. We drilled it at 200kg/ha. After looking thin and patchy the crop tillered very well and recovered to look very even by late June.”

A relatively conservative four-spray fungicide programme, with SDHIs reserved for the T2 timing, kept the crop clean. And, despite the very dry May, RGT Lantern held onto its tillers well.

“It wasn’t the thickest crop, but it ended up producing a good number of large heads,” says Ken.

“Considering how the crop went in, it didn’t do too badly at all. I think we’ll average just short of 8t/ha sold, including the headlands and all the worst bits, as well as the best!

“It’s certainly up there with RGT Gravity and Kerrin, and one small area of just over 1ha drilled as a first wheat after potatoes did a very good 10t plus/ha.

“I see no reason why I wouldn’t grow it again.”

To find out more about RGT Lantern download the latest datasheet here.

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