RGT Lantern - Shining as a Second Wheat

RGT Lantern’s reputation as one of the most reliable second wheats available has been reinforced by RAGT’s latest trials results, building on previous trials and field experience.

The Group 4 variety yielded 117% this harvest as a second wheat on medium soils at RAGT’s Ickleton trials site on the Essex/Cambridgeshire border.

Skyscraper was more than two points adrift at 114.7%, while Barrel and Santiago were over nine points and a full 13 points behind respectively.

The result topped off a successful five-year run in RAGT trials, in which RGT Lantern averaged 107.4% in the second wheat slot, easily outperforming other varieties in the trials and three points ahead of its nearest rival, Santiago.

Over the past two years, when Skyscraper was included in the trials, RGT Lantern averaged 110%, six points ahead of the newcomer.

Results from three years of official trials (NL1, NL 2 and RL candidate trials) between 2017 and 2019 gave a similar picture. RGT Lantern averaged 107.2% as a second wheat, ahead of any hard feed wheat on the Recommended List.

The nearest control variety, Santiago, trailed by three points, mirroring RAGT’s own five-year result.

"RGT Lantern is no slouch as first wheat either."

Overall, it scored 102% for yield in last year’s RL trials, within striking distance of the highest yielding feed wheats.

“We are fully supporting the variety this autumn,” says Tom Dummett, RAGT’s cereal and OSR product manager.

“Varieties that can perform well as second wheats, or wheats after other straw crops, will be in demand, given the amount of spring cereals that were sown this year.

“There are also fewer oilseed rape crops in the ground, which is likely to increase the second wheat area further, so it makes sense to grow a wheat such as RGT Lantern with its proven track record.”

To learn more about RGT Lantern download the latest datasheet.

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