RGT Planet - A New World For Spring Barley

RGT Planet now has a presence in 57 countries across the globe. We take a look at what’s been driving the success of this outstanding spring barley since it was commercially launched.

RGT Planet is certainly living up to its name. It has become the most widely grown cereal variety in the world, thanks to its consistent performance and excellent grain quality that have helped make it a rock-solid choice for UK growers since it was promoted to the AHDB Recommended List in 2015.

Although spring barleys travel well compared to other cereal species, RGT Planet’s outstanding adaptability has helped it deliver some impressive results across widely differing climates and soil types around the globe.

It is now in development or being grown commercially across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The variety has also been approved by maltsters and brewers around the world.

RAGT cereal and OSR product manager Tom Dummett says:

“This widespread end-user acceptance bodes well for UK growers. It has to be a plus at a time when the grain trade has been hit with so many uncertainties due to Brexit and Covid-19.”

As well as its marketability, RGT Planet’s strong agronomics and excellent grain quality have delivered a reputation for reliability among UK growers over the past six years.

“Only three spring barley varieties have full brewing approval on the RL and they are all within 2% of each other in terms of yield,” says Mr Dummett.