RGT Saki, living up to its robust reputation in trials across England

Growers looking to update their winter wheat portfolio should take a close look at RGT Saki, one of the most exciting varieties to hit the Recommended List in recent years.

The variety is proving to be extremely reliable, thanks to its robust genetics that deliver a unique combination of outstanding treated and untreated yields as well as exceptional disease resistance.

RGT Saki looks set to build on that reputation this season, says RAGT Seeds technical sales manager Cathy Hooper, who has been visiting a range of official and independent trials across England.

“The variety looks as good as anything I’ve seen in terms of disease resistance. Yellow rust has taken off this month – levels in susceptible varieties in untreated trials are now very high. RAGT Saki has remained incredibly clean, including inoculated yellow rust trials in the east."

“Levels of Septoria tritici are relatively low across England because it has been so dry. We have however seen quite a bit in our own untreated second wheat trials at Ickleton. RGT Saki looks as clean, if not more so, than Extase, which has the highest Septoria rating of a UK fully recommended variety.

“The same goes for other trials I’ve seen. This backs up what we saw last year when late Septoria came in after very wet weather in June.”

Seed will be widely available this coming autumn. RGT Saki’s profile fits with how many forward-thinking farmers are now choosing their varieties.

To succeed commercially, a variety needs a very high fungicide-treated yield. RGT Saki scores 104, so growers can take a belt-and-braces approach to push yields, knowing it will respond.

RGT Saki also boasts an impressive untreated yield, clearly illustrating its resilience. Growers who prefer a lower input approach, ­or who are unable to apply their spray application on time, know their yield will be protected.

The variety is a consistent performer as a first or second wheat, on light and heavy soils. It has a very slow speed of development, so is an ideal candidate for early drilling, particularly important in the north.

RAGT expects to have enough seed available next autumn to supply 6-7% of certified wheat seed sales.

RGT Saki – key points

· Exceptional treated and untreated yields

· Very solid disease resistance

· OWBM resistant

· Good grain quality

· Good straw strength

· Flexible – drilling date, rotational position, light/heavy soils

To find out more about RGT Saki download the latest datasheet.

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