RGT Saki maintains best septoria ratings in soft Group 4 sector

Updated: Oct 27

RGT Saki has achieved the highest Septoria tritici resistance of all the fully recommended soft Group 4 varieties that were entered into 2021 Recommended List trials, according to latest figures from the AHDB.

Over 23 sites in untreated trials, RGT Saki saw an average of 17.3% infection, edging out Spotlight at 17.4% and easily beating other varieties in the group, which ranged from 19.7% to 24.4% infection.

It retained that advantage across most regions too (see graph).

As a result, RGT Saki remains the most resistant variety to septoria in the soft Group 4 sector, receiving a new three-year rating of 5.9 that will be used in the 2022/23 RL, well above the competition.

The variety also scores top position in the one-year ratings, which reflect the level of disease exhibited solely in the past difficult season, coming in at 5.1.