RGT Saki maintains best septoria ratings in soft Group 4 sector

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

RGT Saki has achieved the highest Septoria tritici resistance of all the fully recommended soft Group 4 varieties that were entered into 2021 Recommended List trials, according to latest figures from the AHDB.

Over 23 sites in untreated trials, RGT Saki saw an average of 17.3% infection, edging out Spotlight at 17.4% and easily beating other varieties in the group, which ranged from 19.7% to 24.4% infection.

It retained that advantage across most regions too (see graph).

As a result, RGT Saki remains the most resistant variety to septoria in the soft Group 4 sector, receiving a new three-year rating of 5.9 that will be used in the 2022/23 RL, well above the competition.

The variety also scores top position in the one-year ratings, which reflect the level of disease exhibited solely in the past difficult season, coming in at 5.1.

RAGT’s technical sales manager Dr Cathy Hooper says: “The wet May, coupled with the first year since the loss of chlorothalonil, provided conditions for the perfect septoria storm this season.

“On my travels around the country this summer, the levels of septoria I saw in June and July were the highest I had seen for some years, but were very variable.

“Generally speaking, varieties with Cougar in their parentage were affected the most. The AHDB results reflect this, but show that not all varieties with that lineage can be judged the same. When it comes to Group 4 softs, RGT Saki still outperforms those that do have Cougar in their parentage, as well as those that don’t.”

The trials also illustrate the strength of two of RAGT’s soft feed candidate varieties, up for recommendation this autumn. RGT Stokes and RGT Bairstow both put in exceptional performances against septoria in all regions.

Coupled with very high yields, these are definitely ones to watch when they become commercially available next autumn.

Three-year mean (2022/23 RL)

One-year mean

RGT Saki


















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