RGT Saki Set to Top Recommended List Yield Table

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

RGT Saki is on course to produce the highest treated yield of 41 varieties in this year’s winter wheat Recommended List trials, according to provisional results posted on 11 September on the AHDB website.

The Group 4 variety scored an average of 105% mean of controls after 22 trials had been assessed. It was a clear point ahead of candidate variety KWS Cranium and two points above LG Skyscraper, Gleam and SY Insitor.

Dr Cathy Hooper, RAGT Seeds technical sales manager, says: “Provided this result stands, which seems likely as there are very few trials left to come in, the result would put RGT Saki in joint first place on the 2021/22 Recommended List.

“The RL is ranked on five-year average treated yield scores and, after another exceptional year in trials, RGT Saki has maintained its score of 104% on this basis, while last year’s joint leaders have slipped back a point."

“However, it is important to note that RGT Saki also offers exceptional disease resistance, so it delivers the best combination of treated and untreated yields amongst its main competitors.

“It will respond when pushed hard, but will also help protect yields when you are unable to apply fungicides at the right time or want to ease back on fungicide spend.”

The trials also reinforced RGT Saki’s reputation as a consistent performer, says Cathy. “Across the 22 sites the variety’s yield varied by just 16 percentage points, compared with an all-variety average of 20. Individual variety yields ranged from 12 to 53 points.

“Reflecting that consistency, RGT Saki can be sown as a first or second wheat, and on light and heavy soils and in all regions. Its all-round performance is underpinned by good agronomic scores, including orange wheat blossom midge resistance and good straw strength.”

Unsurprisingly, RGT Saki has been extremely popular this autumn. Some seed is still becoming available, but is likely to sell out very fast, Cathy advises.

Independent trials results

Several independent trials have confirmed RGT Saki’s place as one of the highest yielding winter wheat varieties available to UK farmers this autumn.

The variety came top in both treated and untreated trials carried out by Prime Crop Research near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The sandy clay loam site was drilled on 31 October following beans.

RGT Saki beat 24 of the best fully recommended and candidate varieties, giving a treated yield of 11.97t/ha and an untreated yield of 11.92t/ha.

Yellow rust was the main disease present at the site, reaching more than 20% infection on susceptible varieties. RGT Saki was scored at just 2% and showed no signs of Septoria tritici.

RGT Saki came top for treated yield at AICC’s 33-variety trial in Sussex, with an output of 14.81t/ha. It also produced the fifth-highest untreated yield at 13.31t/ha, just 0.57t/ha behind leader LG Seeker.

The variety also came top out of 42 treated varieties at Agrovista’s Draughton, Northamptonshire site. It produced 15.4t/ha, a clear 0.4t/ha ahead of second place, and gave a very respectable untreated yield of 12.3t/ha.

In six Agrii trials from Dorset to Yorkshire, RGT Saki scored an average of 109.5% when treated, 4.7 points ahead of second-placed variety RGT Lantern and slightly further ahead of SY Insitor and LG Skyscraper.

RGT Saki – key points

· Current RL yield - treated 104%; untreated 86%

· Exceptional disease resistance – yellow rust 9, brown rust 8, Septoria tritici 6.8, mildew 6, fusarium 6

· OWBM resistant

· Good grain quality

· Good straw strength

· Flexible – drilling date, rotational position, light/heavy soils

Download the latest datasheet on RGT Saki here to learn more.

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