RGT Skyfall

Skyfall has put in a good performance on fertile silts at PC Tinsley’s Hurn Hall Farm, near Holbeach in Lincolnshire, despite a wet and dull end to the season which tested fungicide programmes to the full.

Martin Cook, co-director at PC Tinsley, grew 19ha of the variety for seed, which ended up averaging 10t/ha.

“One field hit 11.1 t/ha, producing 80kg/hl grain at 15% moisture,” he says. “It was drilled on 7 October after potatoes. It looked well all year and yielded well.”

The second field drilled three days later after cauliflowers yielded 9.9 t/ha at 15% moisture content, with another good specific weight score of 78 kg/hl. The third, less fertile field was drilled later, on 4 November, after potatoes and produced 9.0t/ha at 78 kg/hl.

“We used Revystar at T2 on all our wheats at 1 litre/ha as there was very little disease at time of spraying. By the end of June, we had a lot of Septoria on top three leaves. We certainly missed Bravo as a multisite at T1 and T2 – we had 54mm rain over a 48 hour period around the 20 June.”

Overall, Martin is pleased with Skyfall’s performance given the year, and already has plans to grow more this season.

“It is still a very reliable performer and wanted by growers. Skyfall consistently produces excellent specific weight and yields well most years in most drilling slots.”