RGT Wolverine

RGT Wolverine has delivered “very pleasing yields” for Norfolk grower Kit Papworth. The hard Group 4 wheat, which is Europe’s first BYDV resistant wheat variety, averaged 10t/ha across 150ha.

“We budget on 9.2t/ha, our five year average, so anything above that is a bonus,” says Kit, who grows 500ha of winter wheat at Lodge Farm, Felmingham.

“Last year the variety produced 9.74t/ha off 50ha, this harvest it’s ranging from 9 to 11.5t/ha.”

All the RGT Wolverine was sown into light sandy loams by 17 September after OSR and vining peas. Some was direct drilled, some Terradisced first. Seed rates varied from 80kg/ha on his 40ha seed crop and 120kg/ha on the commercial area.

“It seems to like what we do with it. It responds well to be in drilled early, and we apply a top-end fungicide programme, costing £120-130/ha.”

RGT Wolverine provides valuable insurance when drilling early. “That’s where it suits us so well. We farm in a maritime climate and aphids can be a problem, and we have been known to spray early drilled wheat two or more times.

“Now we can get a couple of hundred ha in the ground without worry and get on with other jobs, then come back later to drill the rest of our wheats.