RGT Wolverine joins RAGT’s elite wheats on Recommended List

Updated: Jan 21

RGT Wolverine, Europe’s first BYDV resistant wheat, joins a list of exceptional RAGT varieties on the 2021/22 AHDB Recommended List, including last year’s newcomer RGT Saki.

In addition, RGT Lantern looks an excellent choice for the second wheat slot.

RGT Wolverine has gained a UK specific recommendation for BYDV resistance. RL manager Paul Gosling said: “This is an important trait.

Growers have been struggling in many cases to control BYDV in the absence of a seed treatment, so it will be interesting to see how this variety is taken up by the market.”

The signs are good – uptake has been very strong by the trade this autumn and the variety has sparked much interest among growers.

This Group 4 variety produces very high yields and features a very useful agronomic package as well as BYDV resistance. There is no significant difference in its RL treated yield score of 102 and that achieved by the second and third highest yielders on the list, and it is just three points behind the top yielder.

BYDV trials - RGT Wolverine (right), popular Group 4 variety left

David Schafer, RAGT Seeds UK wheat breeder, says: “RGT Wolverine remains a very competitive variety in its own right. As well as being very high yielding, it also has a highly desirable trait, and that really is quite impressive.