Take a sneak peak at this robust newcomer, RGT Saki

One of the most promising Candidate varieties on the Recommended List is RGT Saki. We take a sneak peek at this robust newcomer.

An outstanding combination of exceptional yield potential backed up by some of the most solid genetics yet seen in a winter wheat makes RGT Saki a truly unique package.

That’s the view of RAGT cereal and OSR product manager Tom Dummett, who says that RGT Saki’s impressive untreated and treated yield scores offer something completely new to growers.

“Untreated yield is the best indication we have of how solid agronomically a variety is, but of course no-one grows wheats without inputs. Ideally, to be a commercial success such a variety also needs a very high treated score, but this combination has proved elusive until now.”

Extase, the variety with the highest untreated yield on the RL at 95, has come closest to date, but trails behind the leading treated yield varieties with a score of 101. Conversely, Skyscraper, which has the highest treated yield on the list at 106, has an untreated score of 84.

“RGT Saki has now broken the mould,” says Tom. “Extase is a nose ahead in the untreated stakes, but no more than that, while RGT Saki comes within a whisker of Skyscraper when treated.

“We’re confident that farmers will be able to grow this variety anywhere. Those with restricted sprayer capacity or farming blocks of land over a wide area often have to balance barn-filling varieties that require high levels of well-timed inputs with lower-yielding but more robust varieties that can tolerate wider spray windows. RGT Saki removes that dilemma and can slot in anywhere.”

RGT Saki is a Group 4 wheat that exhibits outstanding disease resistance, not surprising given its impressive untreated yield, as well as midge resistance.

“The variety has looked very clean all year,” says Tom. “It will have a very good Septoria tritici score and it copes with rusts very well, notably yellow rust in a season where other varieties have broken down.

“Its good straw strength and relatively short growth habit should merit a strong score for lodging resistance.”

The variety suits the main drilling window. It has good grain quality and is a potential distilling variety, adds Tom.

“Overall, RGT Saki delivers an impressive package that should deliver solid and consistent performances across all of the UK regions and, unusually for a winter wheat, across most of northern Europe as well, underlining its robust characteristics.”

> Consistent performer across all regions

> Very solid disease resistance

> OWBM resistant

> Good grain quality

> Good straw strength

> Potential for distilling use

*RGT Saki is not yet National Listed. This article does not constitute an offer for sale. There will be limited availability of seed for test marketing this year. 

For further information call Tom Dummett on 01799 533700

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