Variety advice? Ask the breeder…

Bold new RAGT branding designed to jolt growers into making more informed decisions when choosing and growing crop varieties will be launched in the press and social media outlets from next week.

The campaign will be built around short, sharp and sometimes controversial messages designed to encourage growers to rethink what variety information they need and where to access it.

RAGT managing director Lee Bennett says:RAGT Seeds puts an enormous effort into its breeding programmes, with a key focus on delivering novel and robust crop traits through top quality varieties.

“We want growers to reap the full benefits of this work. With that in mind, we are changing the way we talk about our varieties, aiming to provide best-use guidelines based on our own data.

“The new branding is very much part of this, as reflected in our new strapline, Intelligent Seed Breeding for Forward Thinking-Farmers. We want growers to question the status quo and ask if they really understand what lies behind a variety.

“Most growers rely on Recommended List data or other information carried out to specific protocols, which doesn’t allow for individual management that varieties require.

“We want to encourage growers to speak directly to us. Our team has been developing these varieties for several years before they come to market, so we have reams of valuable data to help make the most of them.”

Growers can be sure they will get open and honest opinions and advice. “We shall be clear about managing expectations – what a variety will do and what it won’t,” says Lee.

“Even the best varieties benefit from management intervention to make the most of the good points and fix imperfections to optimise yield and quality.”

That starts with location, soil type, and rotational position, and continues with agronomy, fine-tuning areas such as seed rate, drilling date and input rates and timings to optimise key areas such as tiller management, grain site development and grain fill.

“The campaign is much more than brand awareness,” says Lee. “We want to continue to build confidence and trust in the RAGT brand – the people, the methodologies we use to bring products to market and the experience we gather along the way – so growers feel confident in coming to us for additional support to help optimise their crop performance and returns.”

As well as eye-catching imagery, RAGT’s new branding will provide clear guidance on accessing key technical information to help optimise variety performance.

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